Saturday, 23 May 2015

OBG Nests

To get an easier chance to find some more nests I went to the Oxford Botanic Garden at 7:00 so I could get there before it opened, leaving me the whole place to my self. This made it a lot easier to hear and follow the birds around to their nests. I started with checking the Long-tailed tit and Blackbird nest that I had previously found last time I visited. The blackbird was sitting on the nest but I suspect it had a few eggs as it had been there incubating for about 8 hours. It was the same for the Long-tailed tits when I went over. the last thing I did before looking for new ones was see if any of the resident Great crested newts were about. There was only one but it was a massive Male with a decent sized crest and tail.When I did finally start searching it wasn't very long before I stumbled across a pair of Goldfinches collecting lining material these lead me to there nest around 5m away. Close to this nest in a very open bush 3m above ground there was a Chaffinch nest with probable young in it.