Bird Boxes For Sale

I am making bird boxes at home for my local patch but am also selling them. If anyone is interested in buying one please contact me via twitter at @NoahWal01 (DM is best)

More details below...

Cost £15 (plus P&P if more than 15miles away)
Suitable for Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, House sparrows and if you're really lucky Nuthatches (NOT STARLINGS)
Height 35cm, Depth 20cm, Width 15cm, 3.2cm Entrance Hole

Siting the nest box:
Unless nest site in shade, try to face between northeast and northwest to minimise overheating.
Ensure no vegetation is DIRECTLY in front of entrance.
If intended for

House Sparrows there must be more than 1 box as they nest in loose colonies.

Cleaning of nest box:
Do not open unless; no longer in use or checking it for the BTO Nest record Scheme.
Unhatched eggs or nest can only be removed between September and January.