Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Ridge Way Cycle

Since the Summer holidays have started me and my Dad decided to go for a short cycle ride along part of the Ridge Way. Although we were mainly cycling my Dad kindly let me stop occasionally to birdwatch, and do a bit of nesting. The main birds around were Lesser Whitethroats and Whitethroats with the occasional Yellowhammer, Skylark, Stock Dove and Corn Bunting but we started with a brilliant view of a hare running up the path. After around half an hour we stopped to take a look at a SSSI area (Site of Special Scientific Interest). There were several skylark squares in crop field next to the SSSI that also had cover crops so I had a quick look around the edges for any nests but with no success. We then carried on for a bit until we got to a spot where a pair of Whitethroats had been returning to one spot so I got a bit closer and could just hear the some young in amongst the vegetation. After another hour or so we stopped for lunch where me and my Dad got a brilliant view of several Corn Buntings

 Corn Bunting

On the way back we saw a few more Corn buntings and we found another Whitethroat nest site that was again a bit to far to look into. We then got back to the SSSI area where there were 3 Stock Doves feeding and a large group of starlings. Finally a not far from the end we got a brilliant view of a yellowhammer singing at the top of its voice.