Close up with nature


Orange-tipped Butterfly at RSPB Minsmere

I took this picture at my last garden when my sister rushed to me saying there was a funny flying thing near the lavender. I ran with my camera and chased the hummingbird-haukmoth round the bush, trying to get a decent picture.

Small white butterfly  

Honey bee 
Whilst I was at the botanic garden I spent hours watching the bees on the sun flowers and after 3 hours of seating and waiting, I got this fly beauty.

large white caterpillar  

Like the Nuthatch above this a newly fledged bird that was in a group of about 8 others and two adults. It was almost 1m away meaning it was quite difficult to focus on it. They fly really low from tree to tree almost hitting my head, like a swarm.

This was on Lundy island in the Bristol channel. There was a group of them, up to around 25. I walked down the rocks to this one slowly moving closer. every 5 steps, I would take a picture just incase it swam of before i got to the water's edge. They sounded like whales, and they were very clumsy getting around on the rock.

It was almost impossible to get a picture of this as it didn't stop moving. there were thousands of them so it was hard to keep an eye on it or keep focus on one individual.


Garden snail
This snail was hiding behind a closed flower and I only just caught sight of it.